Hi! I'm William Pietri. I am a developer, leader, writer, and occasional entrepreneur. I was very involved in both the early Agile movement (1999-2008 or so) and the Lean Startup movement (2009-2013). I then shifted more toward doing good with tech, including time at Kiva.org, Code for America, ADL's Center for Technology and Society, and NYU's Cybersecurity for Democracy project. I live in San Francisco, where I work for MLCommons on tools to measure AI safety. I also do some coaching of technologists and entrepreneurs.

About me and my work

From a family of developers and entrepreneurs, I started programming at 12. I've since filled many roles, but for the last 15 years I've alternated between leading the technical side of ambitious products and advising others on how to make systems and teams run well. You can read about my work and history or jump straight to my LinkedIn profile.