Contacting me

I like connecting with and helping people, so you shouldn’t be shy about getting in touch. A notable exception to that is my dislike of inauthentic or manipulative communication: I am not interested in sales calls, marketing pitches, and spam.

The basics

The best way to contact me is via email. Try my first name at this domain.

Also feel free to message me on Twitter. If you’re looking to book something with me, check out my public calendar. I am also available for quick, by-the-minute consulting via

Social networks

People use social networks many different ways. I wouldn’t want people to think me rude if I turn down an invitation to connect, so here’s how I use them. Twitter is my general connect-with-the-public tool. Feel free to follow or at-message me; I pay close attention to that. I use LinkedIn to keep track of people I have worked with and know well enough to recommend to others. I use Facebook for close personal friends, the kind of relationships where we’d attend each other’s weddings. I avoid interruptive media (IM, Skype, etc.) except for scheduled meetings. And you are always welcome to email me.