My writing

To me, writing and coding are closely related: through words and ideas, I aim to serve others and make the world a bit better. With code, I write for a compiler and my teammates. In prose, I write to communicate, clarify, and influence. I have written part of a book and the occasional magazine article. I’ve even written and peformed a radio opinion piece for KQED. But most of my writing is now on the web and written for the fun of it. I am especially fond of the Q&A format: I’m guaranteed at least one reader, and focusing on a specific person’s story can be a great way to pursue universal, enduring themes.

I participate in various nerdy forums, including the Lean Startup Circle and Balanced Team mailing lists. In the past I have been active on Wikipedia (where I was voted an administrator), Stack Overflow (4 gold badges) and Quora (Top Writer 2013 and 2014).

Some of my popular posts include:

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